About Us

U-R-ILL™ develops for broadcast, film, animation, motion graphics, print, photography, audio & new media.We have established strong client relationships and a reputation for delivering unique communication solutions across an eclectic variety of projects spanning from packaging design to viral stings. Contrary to common advertising ideas, we look beyond the status quo to help change your mind instead of just trying to please it, we have a passion for design that embodies a multidisciplinary frame of mind, we believe in a process which requires research and experimentation combined with close communication and collaboration with all our clients. We put activity in creativity.

U-R-ILL™ Audio Post Production Facility

Composing, recording, producing music and sound design for advertising, film, televison, radio & mulitimedia since 1993. Specialist music arrangement, remixing, production and sound design for synch. We can also provide advice on licensing and clearance.


U-R-ILL™ understands that working closely with the client is the key to executing the perfect soundtrack. We’ll bring creativity, innovation, and a unique sound experience to your project. U-R-ILL™ will deliver your perfect soundtrack when you need it, from remixes to ident music to full feature film scores.

Sound Design

U-R-ILL™ provides a bespoke audio solution to clients, making sure we maximise their media’s sonic impact, with solutions for all budgets. Our services include 5.1 mixdown and sound design for film and DVD/Web requirements, as well as a full range of audio editing and recording solutions.

Sound Design Clients

HTC Mobile phones, Johnny Walker, Omega Watches, Travel and Living, BBC, National Geographic, Living TV, AXA insurance.


CLP, Fireworkz, Krafty Kuts, 3 Levels, Colt, Esoterica, Dubplate Drama, Channel 4, Hallmark Channel, Film 4, Transport For London, Agent Provocateur, Lux, MTV, Nintendo, Emporio Armani, JWT, Xbox, Gumball 3000 Ltd, Screen Gems, New Line Pictures, Roxbury Music, Coole Swan, E4, Yamaha, Honda, Earthworks Studios, Alteredbeats, Vans, Herman Miller Furniture, Wyldpytch Records, Puma, GBH, Remote Films, Time Out Magazine, Grundy Television, Rover, Orange Television Productions Ltd, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Ginger Tv Productions Ltd, Planet 24 Productions Ltd, Travis, Hardknox, Cineprod Plc, Fast MultiMedia, Sega, Carlton Televison, Noel Gay Television, Trustee Savings Bank, Volkswagen, Mustard Film Company, Mallinson Television Production Ltd, Scottish Enviroment Agency, The Layabouts, Healthy Records, Nuff Music Ltd, Curious Records Ltd, Captive state, Paul Lamb & King Snakes, United Producers Records Ltd, Advanced Media Group, 51 Lex Records, Skyjuice, Primavera Fitness, Wave Entertainment Ltd, Dubpistols, B.M.G / Deconstruction, Jive Electro / Zomba, Skycutter, Acucar, Blood Records, Skint Records, Virgin/Circa Recordings Ltd, Compton Denini & Cableman, Atari, Acclaim Entertainment, Stephanie Churchill PR, Blunt, G-Shock Watches, SKK Lighting Architects, Barbella, Creme Skateboards, Miliken Carpets, Ben Wilson Design, DLKW, Central Office Of Information, Joshua Advertising, Cabin Fever Recordings, TPD, Bubblers Hifi, Eric Bobo, Downlow Lowrider Cycle & Co, Spotless Design, Firme Clothing, Heads Hi, Alpascal Music, Revelation Testing Ltd, Fuxi, High On Heels, Skynet Studios, Hammer Films, Universal, All The Worlds, Mobile Usability, ICUBackup, Samsung, HTC Mobile phones, Johnny Walker, Omega Watches, Travel and Living, BBC, National Geographic, Living TV, AXA insurance, Cadbury Music, EA Games, Private Equity Foundation, Ecurie25, New Business Synergy, Creative Vision, Walker Books Ltd, Abela Culture, Oakley & Foster, Sonic Beats, Novaglen Properties, Stella Fuja PR, The Spark Consultancy Ltd, Creativity Media, Stevepmusic, AsNewMedia, Windfall Films, Children In Need, Saky, Mentos, Blackberry, Agnes B, XL Recordings, Simco Limited, Smirnoff, Nissan, Island Records, News International, Nike, Primark, Tesco Bank, Clarks, Toyota UK PLC, Disney, Maker Studios, The Great American Fries Company, North One Television, Experian, Goodbuzz, Tipsy Bartender, Knockout Murals, No Fuss Records, Tastemade.