Car Design Review 2

Now in its second year, the 184-page hardback book allows the chance to take a step back from all the new-car launches of the last 12 months, and give a wider view of the way the industry and its products changed over the course of the year.
The Car Design Review 2 book includes extended interviews with each of the judges describing their personal choices of the top-three concept and production cars of 2014; infographics illustrating the major developments of the year. U-R-ILL™ were asked by Car Design News to come up with some detailed portraits of the key figures within the book.

The vibrant blue material wrapped around Car Design Review 2 is an ecological microfibre produced using recycled polyester and a water-based process using no harmful solvents. The colour was chosen to chime with some of the key cars of the year. Expert facilities to produce the amount of Dinamica fabric required.  – See more at:

106. | CAR DESIGN REVIEW 2 BOOK / Client: CAR DESIGN NEWS / Year: 2015 / Design: U-R-ILL™

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